Safe & Reliable

No central directory or server to fail or slow you down. All accounts are completely local.

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Screaming Fast

User creation, deletion, and sudo permission changes are reflected across all of your servers within 180 seconds.

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Cloud Ready

Userify is designed for a dynamic cloud, but works just fine on any server in any private or public datacenter.

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True Love

Cloud pricing, less than 75 cents/month per user per server. No minimum, pay only for what you use.

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What is Userify?

Userify deploys Secure Shell (SSH) keys and configures sudo/root permissions for login accounts, such as those for developers, administrators, and engineers.

... in seconds across your production and development Linux servers, both in the cloud and on your premises.

What's required? Your server should be able to get to our API servers via HTTPS.
No Internet Access? Local installation is also available.

$0.001/hr per user-server
Pay only for actual use.

Simple, flat-rate pricing with no monthly fee
and no charge for inactive users.

5 servers, average of one user: $3.65 per month
50 servers, average of two users: $73.00 per month

Enterprise SSH Key Management: Userify