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We started using Userify in production more than two years ago across our entire AWS infrastructure at Select Comfort, and we're looking at it for multiple clouds, including at Azure. We run a variety of big data platforms to process data from our IoT smart mattresses (SleepIQ®), including RDS, Cassandra, Hadoop, and DynamoDB. We also run multiple development teams in multiple locations, and Userify helps us manage those teams cleanly and easily and helps get our developers who are sometimes less familiar with SSH safely up and running without a lot of help desk support. Jamieson and his team have been very responsive to our needs in the past and we're looking forward to what's in store for the future. Paul Fordahl, Senior Cloud Architect, SleepIQ

I am just writing to you to tell you how grateful we are to you and your company for the service you provide. In 2014 we looked for a central SSH key management tool and we were really left wanting until we found Userify. We have really enjoyed being part of the process to grow with your company and product as we have found it to be invaluable in increasing our security while making the day to day management of servers that much more convenient. Today we manage over 70 virtual servers across 4 continents and I don’t think we would have been able to scale our team and processes as easily without Userify. Looking forward to working with you for years to come! Andrew Burns, Technical Director, Smoke CCS

Linked Senior started using Userify in 2015 and saw immediate benefits. Our AWS infrastructure is spread across multiple accounts each running multiple instances that are created and destroyed on a regular basis. We had a lot of user management issues with our cloud scripts before we started with Userify and now it works so well we’ve forgotten how hard it was before. Getting a new employee setup or giving someone temporary access to a production machine is now a few simple clicks. We’ve also had a positive experience interacting with the Userify staff the few times we need some help. Jeffry Moore, CTO, Linked Senior

Userify has been great; perfect product for the job and just the best customer support. We run physical servers, deployed deep in our customers’ networks, often with limited internet access. Userify handles this seamlessly. Updates are cached and access control continues in an offline state. It provides us with simple administration and clear control of the user lifecycle without the operational overhead. The Userify team even released some custom MS Domain Controller integration for us, like lightning, that further simplified our integration. Thanks! Ryan Darby, Product Development Manager, YouTap!