How Userify Works

After you install the Userify shim (agent) on your system with a copy/paste into your server console (or deeper integrations such as Chef or CloudFormation), the agent starts up immediately and logs into Userify using the credentials provided during the one-click installation.

Any users that you granted access to for that server from inside the Userify web console will be created on that server, usually within seconds.

Deleting a user from the Userify web console (either across the entire company or just within that server group) will cause that user account to be removed within seconds but the user's old home directory will be renamed as username:deleted for later forensics or auditing. If the user was deleted in error, re-granting that username access to that server will cause the user's home directory to be restored and renamed to its proper name.

Of course, any of these user operations may be scripted via the API.