Q. Does Userify on-site offer local or remote logging?

From version 4.2, Userify logs all requests to syslog with a barrier string between log entries of newline (\n) followed by sixty hyphens (-) followed by a UNIX timestamp and human-readable local time, like this:

1468532987.51: Thu Jul 14 21:49:47 2016
GET http_userify_list_inherited_project_permissions(.....

Each and every action taken within the dashboard will be recorded in this fashion (i.e., with the UNIX timestamp as local to the server followed by local time.) Userify On-Site also offers automation to configure rsyslog to be redirected to a remote loghost for processing by your normal Enterprise log management solution (ie Greylog, LogEntries, Splunk, etc.)

Colors are displayed if output is to a terminal. Userify automatically detects the presence of a TTY, so redirecting to a log file, syslog (via | logger --tag userify-server) or | tee - will cause ANSI colors to be disabled automatically (so that your logs are not cluttered with color codes).