Userify Enterprise Installation

This document applies to Enterprise and Pro versions of Userify On-Site.

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In the meantime, Userify Enterprise includes a five-server license that you can use for initial setup and configuration.

Install in three minutes:

Please install on RHEL7/CentOS7, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, or Debian Jessie. Amazon Linux: Amazon Linux is not supported for standard installation as described here. (Only supported for manual Userify Enterprise installation with an external Elasticache cluster.)

PLEASE NOTE: by purchasing, downloading, using, or installing the Userify software, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. You do not have any rights to use or access the software if you do not agree to these terms.

Userify Enterprise Installation

Launch in your server console:

curl -# | sudo -sE

Userify Express Installation

Launch in your server console

curl -# | sudo -sE

That's it! After installation is complete, the server will automatically start up, update and restart itself, and finally present a web-based configuration tool.

Depending on the speed of your system, please allow approximately three to five minutes for completion.

Review and/or contribute to the install tool here:

Questions? Please also review Additional Installation Notes.

Please immediately reach out to with any questions.

Need 24x7 production support with an Enterprise SLA? Contact for details.

Thank you for installing Userify Enterprise!


For the Userify On-Site (Pro and Enterprise) server itself, supported versions are RHEL and CentOS 7+, Ubuntu 16.04LTS, and Debian Jessie 8.0. (Shim support levels are exactly the same as supported on Userify Cloud.)

Because it is currently not possible to install Redis on Amazon Linux via yum, Amazon Linux is currently not supported for Userify On-Site (but, of course, fully supported as a client node.)