How do I convert existing Linux accounts to Userify?

Userify doesn't modify pre-existing Linux accounts by design in order to protect accounts like backup, system, etc from being automatically removed or changed.

Converting Existing User Accounts

You can easily override this behavior by executing this command on the boxes to have their accounts converted to Userify accounts:

# convert existing accounts to Userify managed:
sudo usermod -c "userify-converted" alice
sudo usermod -c "userify-converted" bob

Note that if the equivalent 'alice' or 'bob' usernames do not exist in Userify, or if they are not granted access onto your servers, they'll be removed from the system within 90 seconds.

Removing Generic User Accounts

Certain generic usernames, such as ec2-user, centos, or ubuntu, are not controlled by Userify and you should not do the above operation on them, since you might accidentally grant permissions to them in the future. Generic usernames are a violation of PCI and HIPAA and should be removed once you have Userify installed on the system.

Here's how:

# remove generic accounts
for username in centos ubuntu ec2-user
  sudo userdel $username

Please contact support if you need additional help.