What happens to my keys?

Userify only uses your public key to create user accounts on your servers; it creates the specified user account and creates a .ssh/authorized_keys file in that user's home directory just as you would by hand and even using the same commands and files (i.e., useradd, sudoers.d, etc).

Hack on the shim at Github!

Curious as to how the shim code works? It's only about 450 lines of easy-to-read Python code. Review the code in a few minutes at Github and join us in making it better with your pull request.

Sudo permissions are managed via /etc/sudoers.d, just like you normally would do by hand, so Userify works well with other user management tools.

Userify uses the comment metadata field of a user account so that it will not modify or delete a user account that it didn't create.