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Key Features and Available Editions

SSH Key Management

Userify deploys SSH public keys and sudo roles, so you don't have to. No more wasting time with /etc/sudoers and authorized_keys.

Role-based Access Management

Color-coded root, user, and zero permissions roles saves you time, and deep flexibility through a powerful API.

Self-hosted or SaaS

For the ultimate in control and security, install Enterprise or Express in your own datacenter or VPC. It even works over finicky or intermittent VPN connections.

Get Compliant

Get compliant with PCI DSS 3.2 and the HIPAA Security Rule account requirements, including one user per account. Banish ec2-user forever.

Open Source Shim

The Userify shim is a simple, short Python script that installs with a single command and just uses standard Linux utilities; it wakes up, does its thing, and goes back to sleep.

OpenSSH Power Up!

Not a neutered web-only "SSH" terminal: use all of SSH's normal features and security enhancements like bastion hosts and jump boxes, scp, SFTP, secure tunnels, VPN, proxying, and forwarding.

Hardened and Secure

Userify is built on modern tech and crypto, including Curve 25519 for data at rest and TLS 1.2 for data in motion, and hardened against XSS, CSRF, inclusion, and injection attacks.

Grows with You

Deploy your shim across multiple clouds and even internal or hybrid datacenters with bad and slow links. As long as HTTPS outbound is available, Userify works. You can even run your own.

Editions that are
Designed to Scale with You.

Userify comes in editions designed for most types of businesses, from startups to enterprises!

Licensing for all editions includes unlimited users, projects and server groups. Server/instance licenses are based on concurrent usage, so if you delete some servers (perhaps during an auto-scaling event) and add more later, the servers won't get double-counted.

Designed for the cloud from the very beginning, Userify has built-in support for Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs) at EC2, GCP, and other popular clouds. There's no reliance on IP addresses or server 'registration', and servers are managed as groups instead of individually, making management of very large server clusters easy.

Userify Enterprise

Our flagship edition can be deployed either in your cloud VPC or your corporate datacenter and provides enterprise features such as Active Directory and LDAP integration, as well as scalability to more than 50,000 instances by a single cluster. A complete Userify cluster can be deployed in about fifteen minutes at AWS using a custom CloudFormation template, or start with a single server and expand to a cluster as you scale. Install Userify Enterprise Now.

Userify Express

Designed for startups and rapidly growing companies, Userify Express gets you up and running in less than 10 minutes: just paste one line to set up a proof of concept, set up a few services such as mail, and paste in a license code to go live. Get in touch for a trial license code that you can take right into production. Install Userify Express Now.

Userify Cloud

Get up and running in seconds with the edition that we manage for you: up to 20 server/instances FREE. As with Enterprise and Express, no limits on users, projects, or server groups. Get Started with Cloud in seconds.

FREE! 20 servers are FREE on Userify Cloud. Get Started in Seconds!

Install Userify by pasting a single line, or just use Userify Cloud with no installation needed.


Invite your users and grant them permissions to servers and their own self-service key dashboard.


Your servers stay in sync with Userify and you can still log into your instances even if you shut down Userify.

Getting Started

Install Userify Cluster or Server (optional)

You can install Userify Express by pasting a one-liner into your server console, or build out a complete cluster with AWS's built-in CloudFormation wizard. Just add an email login and (for Enterprise) your Active Directory realm, and you're good to go. (Using Userify Cloud instead? Just sign up and go!)

Next, Invite your Users

Create a company and click the "+" sign under the Users tab. Invite your users by pasting their email addresses. There's also a bulk form to invite your whole team. When users accept, they get a login and their own dashboard where they can manage their keys.

Create a project and a server group

Userify servers are organized around projects and server groups; for example, a project named "Service Delivery" might have groups named "App", "Audit", and "CI". Each server within a group has the same set of users and permissions.

Grant Access

After you click the "None" button to change a user's permission to "Root" or "User" in a specific server group, that user is now able to view the server group and the servers in that server group that they have been enabled on. Changes take place within 90 seconds on Userify Cloud or as little as five seconds (configurable) on self-hosted editions.