Userify Express for Datacenters

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Userify Express provides secure SSH key management and role-based access control for Linux servers, both in the cloud and in corporate datacenters, supporting up to 500 servers per VPC or network globally.

Userify Express is a self-hosted solution that takes about fifteen minutes to install and configure. It's designed for extremely rapid Time to Value and integrates into your Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt, Fabric, CloudFormation, or Terraform workflow in seconds.

Userify Express for Datacenters may be deployed in your datacenter, AWS EC2 VPC, or GCP private network and can service nodes on any other cloud and your datacenters simultaneously.

  • Resilient in the face of network failures and DDoS attacks
  • Recommended in situations where compliance with PCI DSS or HIPAA is required
  • Promotions and demotions, as well as complete user removals, occur in seconds.
  • Users’ active sessions and scripts are killed upon termination of access, but home directories are retained for forensics and automatically restored when access is restored.

Userify’s unique, resilient design ensures that your privileged users, from devops to systems engineers, can always access their servers, even in the event of a catastrophic system or network interruption.

Stop dealing with individual servers; Userify deals with permissions at a server group level, and works perfectly with Auto-scaling groups and dynamic resources.