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What is Userify?

Userify is a key and user management solution that enables end-to-end, privileged user access across both public clouds and hybrid public cloud/private cloud servers.

Userify's unique, patent-pending design enables centralized management of user accounts while de-centralizing the management of those user accounts.

The authentication process is de-centralized and managed by the host node rather than a remote service.

This has a number of key advantages over earlier centralized-authentication designs:

  • Authentication is much safer with Userify.

    Because Userify splits this off to the managed node, this process is a protected transaction between just that node and the user account attempting to log in. That means that local user accounts are immune from DDoS attacks and outages from a centralized authentication repository, as well as reducing vectors for attack. While password-based authentication is single-factor only, SSH key-based authentication can provide core elements of multi-factor authentication: the key (something you have), and the passphrase (something you know). What's more, public-key/private-key cryptography means that it's mathematically impossible to derive the user's private key or personal passphrase, even if an attacker is able to completely take over the managed node.

  • Authentication is faster with Userify.

    Authentication can occur instantly, because the managed node handles the entire process, rather than passing it off to an external source. On high-latency or unreliable network links, or across continents, this can completely remove authentication latency for every single login.

  • Authentication is easier with Userify.

    Passwords are no longer needed to log in, except to unlock the private key itself on the user's laptop or device.

Management is dramatically improved as well:

  • With Userify, authorization can be de-centralized as well.

    Rather than wait for a helpdesk or harried IT team to do mundane work like creating user accounts and assign permissions, project administrators can (optionally) invite their own user accounts and assign permissions on an as-needed basis on the servers that they are responsible for. If a project administrator has a developer on loan from another team for a week to solve a problem, that developer can get to work immediately, using self-service key management. Suddenly, business problems can be solved faster and teams become more agile and even form on the fly.

  • Management is easier with Userify.

    Userify provides a powerful, but easy-to-use web dashboard for both individual users and project administrators. Project administrators can use color-coded button to change user permissions with a single click, while individual privileged users, such as developers, devops, engineers, and architects, can update their SSH public keys at any time. And, unlike legacy systems, at no point does Userify require a shared secret (or any secret material at all), while still encrypting all PII and company data (even public keys) before committing to cache or long-term storage.

  • Management is visual with Userify.

    The management dashboard gives you a powerful, color-coded visualization of the precise permissions allocated to a given user at any point in time across all of the server groups in a given project. You can immediately take action to enhance or reduce available permissions across all of that user's accounts in just a click.

  • Federated Identity is easy with Userify.

    For enterprises, federated identity is just as easy when the Active Directory/LDAP connector in Userify Enterprise is enabled. Using this connector, a user can log in to their web dashboard using the same password they would use for all of their other corporate accounts. Behind the scenes, Userify Enterprise will track the continuing legitimacy of this user account and automatically disable or remove the account in sync with the Active Directory or LDAP server. Of course, just like Userify itself, this synchronous process can be interupted at any time and everything will resume working when connectivity is restored.

Userify Cloud, Userify Express, and Userify Enterprise represent a new, faster, and much more secure way to visualize available permissions, manage access, and deploy updated user keys, both for enterprise management as well as individual users through their own custom dashboards. Learn more by reading How Userify Works.