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Cloud SSH Key Manager EC2 instance sudo roles and users

Cloud Scale SSH Key Manager

Userify was born in the cloud, delivering zero-latency logins spanning inter-continental datacenters.

Welcome to the first hardened Privileged User Manager designed to secure highly available, auto-scaled, sudo-based access control globally, across all of your clouds and on-prem datacenters.

Who uses Userify?

More than 1,000 companies trust Userify for their cloud and datacenter servers, including many of the world's largest companies and elite institutions.

What if you could change user permissions across an entire group of servers with a single click?

Dynamically re-allocate root and user roles across your entire infrastructure in seconds.

SSH Key Management

Manages SSH public keys while keeping private keys safely as designed: in the hands of your team members.

SUDO Role Management

Switch between root, user, and no user account (permissions: none) with the click of a color-coded button.


For the ultimate in control, install in your datacenter or VPC, with optional Active Directory or LDAP integration.

Decentralized Operation

Achieve 100% login availability with completely distributed, decentralized operation, while maintaining centralized control.

Open Source Agent

Audit the agent yourself at Github in seconds. It's a single Python script that installs with a single command.

Powered by OpenSSH™

Because Userify uses standard OpenSSH, it offers all of the features and security enhancements like tunneling, proxying, forwarding, TCP wrappers, etc.

Plays well with Others.

Userify uses standard Linux commands like adduser and doesn't interfere with user accounts that were created with other tools.

Runs Everywhere

Born at AWS/EC2, but designed to reliably run everywhere, from cloud to your on-site datacenter. All you need is standard HTTPS (outbound).

Designed for Your Enterprise

Professional and AWS Features

  • Invite users to join your company and an unlimited number of projects
  • Re-configure user permissions, from None to User to Root, instantly with a single click.
  • Projects and Server Groups are invisible if users do not have permission.
  • Invitations based on email addresses as well as bulk invitation capabilities
  • Custom mail server configuration, so that password reset and invitation emails come from within your network
  • One-click user configuration and color-coded user permission reporting
  • Full support for auto-scaled Userify with cross-region availability
  • Fully disconnected operation to allow emergency logins even when network connections go down
  • Signed TLS (SSL) certificates supporting secure
  • Secured and isolated installs to your company subnets, VPC's, and/or VPN connections
  • Logging to remote syslog servers (including Sumo Logic, Splunk, rsyslog, etc.)
  • Unlimited users and projects
  • Locked-down network access (firewalled or security groups
  • Full shim support for all supported operating systems
  • Choice of Amazon S3 or local storage. (AWS supports local storage/EBS only)

    Enterprise Features

  • Full synchronized Active Directory and LDAP support
  • When a user is removed from Windows Active Directory or LDAP console, and/or within Userify itself (either), the removal is cascaded across all of your Linux servers and terminates all of that user's sessions.
  • Full support for temporary user disablement and user password lockouts in Active Directory, and automatic re-activation when those flags are removed from Active Directory
  • Invitations based on usernames in Active Directory as well as bulk invitation capabilities
  • Full support for auto-scaling Userify to 10k servers* with cross-region availability
  • (all features in Professional)
  • * (within license limits)

Deploy in seconds. Managing SSH keys in minutes.