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SSH Key Manager - Userify

SSH Key Management

for the cloud and your datacenter.

Securely manage devops and engineer privileged user accounts, Secure Shell (SSH) keys, and user/root sudo permission management across your entire cloud.

Free up to 20 servers. $0.004/srv/hr No credit card needed. Cancel anytime. Self-host with Express Datacenter or Express AWS for EC2.

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#! /bin/sh

# paste this into your terminal
# and get started in seconds..

curl -# | sudo -sE

Now available from $100/mo
Microsoft Azure
SSH key management at AWS EC2
Google Cloud

Centrally manage SSH users across hundreds of cloud instances

  • Automated provisioning
  • Revoke users instantly
  • Up and running in seconds

The Cloud SSH Key Manager that's trusted by more than 15 of the Fortune 500 and 1,500 companies across six continents.

Ensures Compliance

Ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and SOX by enforcing the single user per login rule.

Installs in Seconds

Lightweight shim installs in milliseconds with one command, and won't break your servers.

Web Scale

Zero-latency logins, infinite scalability, and hardened, self-updating appliances.

SSH Key Management

Manages SSH public keys while keeping private keys safely as designed: in the hands of your team members.

Sudo Role Management

Switch between root, user, and no user account (permissions: none) with the click of a color-coded button.


For the ultimate in control, install Enterprise or Express in your datacenter or VPC, with optional Active Directory or LDAP integration.

Get Compliant

Get compliant with PCI-DSS 3.2 and the HIPAA Security Rule account requirements, including one user per account. (Self-managed Userify Express or Userify Enterprise is required for compliance.)

Open Source Agent

Audit the agent yourself at Github. It's a single Python script that installs with a single command.

Standard OpenSSH™

Because Userify uses standard OpenSSH, it offers all of the features and security enhancements like tunneling, proxying, forwarding, TCP wrappers, etc.

Plays well with Others.

Userify uses standard Linux commands like adduser and doesn't interfere with user accounts that were created with other tools.

Runs Everywhere

Born in the cloud, but designed to reliably run everywhere, from cloud to your on-site datacenter, even with dynamic IP's, autoscaling, or broken/intermittent connections.