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Enterprise SSH Cloud Key Manager - sudo, SSH automation with /etc/passwd

Enterprise SSH Key Management

Cloud. or Datacenter. It's your choice.

Key Features

  • Available in the cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises
  • Creates reliable local user accounts (in /etc/passwd) using standard Linux tools, but with centralized administration
  • Manages user ssh public keys
  • Manages sudo roles (root privileges)
  • Provides User Dashboards for self-service key management
  • Active Directory Integration (Enterprise self-hosted)
  • Provides Manager Dashboards for color-coded permission management
  • Deploy by pasting one-liner
  • Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and CloudInit integration (Corporate)
  • Remove user from a single project or company-wide in a single click.
  • User removal results in complete termination of all active sessions across the project or entire company.
  • Cross-cloud and private datacenter, while Enterprise provides complete isolation capabilities.
  • Mission-critical servers: Userify continues to work even when all other authentication services are offline.

More Features

SSH Key Management

Manages SSH public keys while keeping private keys safely as designed: in the hands of your team members.

SUDO Role Management

Switch between root, user, and no user account (permissions: none) with the click of a color-coded button.


For the ultimate in control, install in your datacenter or VPC, with optional Active Directory or LDAP integration.

Decentralized Operation

Achieve 100% login availability with completely distributed, decentralized operation, while maintaining centralized control.

Open Source Agent

Audit the agent yourself at Github in seconds. It's a single Python script that installs with a single command.

Real SSH, not a web app.

Uses real SSH with all the normal things you need like tunneling, proxying, forwarding, etc,

Plays well with Others.

Userify uses standard Linux commands like adduser and doesn't interfere with user accounts that were created with other tools.

Runs Everywhere

Born at AWS/EC2, but designed to reliably run everywhere, from cloud to your on-site datacenter. All you need is standard HTTPS (outbound).

Deploy in seconds. Managing SSH keys in minutes.