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Userify works seamlessly across your Clouds and Datacenters

Icon Representing Active SSH Session Termination


Active Session Termination terminates active sessions of removed users for added security.

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Icon Representing SSH Key and User Management

User Management

User-specific profile pages allow for easy management of access permissions for individual users.

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Icon Representing Role-Based Access Control

Regulatory Compliance

Permission-Based Access ensures that access to sensitive information is restricted to authorized users.

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Icon Representing Easy Deployment with Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Puppet, and bash shell scripting

Instant Integrations

Easy Deployment options, such as "instant deploy" and "Deploy with Terraform" makes Userify simple to set up and manage.

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Icon Representing Permissions Visibility

Permissions Visibility

Userify presents a graphical layout of users and server groups, allowing easy identification of access permissions.

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Icon Representing Easy Management of SSH private and Public Keys

Easy Management

Servers stay in sync with Userify automatically, so there is no need to manually update access permissions.

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Design to Scale

Cloud-Based Architecture for Auto-Scaling and Load-Balanced Virtual Machines

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Icon Representing Active Directory and LDAP integration for SSH Key Management

Active Directory

Userify Enterprise seamlessly enables centralized management of user access across Windows and Linux.

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What's Userify?

Effortlessly Manage and
Secure SSH Access

Userify is a robust cloud user manager that streamlines SSH key management across Clouds and Datacenters. Its innovative features, including Active Session Termination, Permission-Based Access, and Instant Integrations, simplify access permissions while maintaining security and regulatory compliance. Userify's scalable architecture adapts to your organization's evolving needs, and its seamless Active Directory integration (available on self-hosted editions) unifies user access management across Windows and Linux systems.

Choose Userify for unparalleled security, efficiency, and ease of use in managing SSH access. Its user-friendly interface and automatic synchronization of permissions, across all of your teams and instance groups, reduce risks and save time. Userify is the trusted solution to safeguard your organization's sensitive assets and optimize your access management process.


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