Easily configuring SSH on Embedded Systems

You can now easily use Userify to manage SSH keys on Raspbian or Raspberry Pi (or any other embedded system that supports Python).

Sometimes it's challenging to get copy/paste working on a minimal remote system, such as a VM or a Raspberry Pi that's sitting with a tiny keyboard next to you.

Here's how to quickly deploy your SSH keys even on small or hard-to-access systems:

  1. Choose Instant Deployment from your server group menu
  2. If you have SSH access to your Pi already, copy and paste the one-liner into the console.

Otherwise, you'll have to manually type it in. The format is always the same:

curl -1Ss "https://dashboard.userify.com/api/userify/install/id/abcd1234" | sudo -sE

If you have a large fleet of SBC's (perhaps you have a Hadoop or ML cluster), then you can embed the installer into your base image and have all of your nodes as part of a single server group.

This works even better if you are using a paid version, such as AWS or Enterprise: you'll be able to see your hosts in server view and even access their HTTP and HTTPS with a single click.