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Userify on Embedded Systems

You can now easily use Userify to manage SSH keys on Raspbian or Raspberry Pi (or many other embedded systems that supports Python).

Sometimes copy/paste isn't available on a minimal remote system, such as a Virtual Machine or Raspberry Pi.

You can still quickly deploy your SSH keys even on small or hard-to-access systems:

  1. Choose Instant Deployment from your server group menu
  2. If you have SSH access to your Pi already, copy and paste the one-line command into the console.

Otherwise, you'll have to manually type it in. The format is always the same:

curl -1Ss "" | sudo -sE

Note that these instant deployment one-liners have expiring codes, so don't embed your instant deployment code into any automated deployment (use the regular bash installers for that.)

If you have a large fleet of SBC's, then you can embed the installer into your base image and have all of your nodes as part of a single server group.

This works even better if you are using a paid version, such as AWS or Enterprise: you'll be able to see your hosts in server view and even access their HTTP and HTTPS with a single click.

HEADS UP Userify doesn't work on systems that use busybox or (currently) non-GNU UNIX systems. If it doesn't instantly install, it just won't work (but it won't hurt to try). If you have specific requirements, please let us know!