Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA, sometimes known as two-factor authentication) increases security for your logins by requiring you to prove that you not only know your password, but also that you possess something; typically your phone or tablet.

Userify's MFA requires you to provide a freshly generated code from your TOTP generator on your phone (such as the free Google Authenticator or open source FreeOTP apps for Android, IOS, and Windows Phone). Once you've authenticated your browser, you won't have to again unless you haven't logged in for a while.

To enable MFA, simply click Setup MFA in your user profile screen and take a picture of the QR code that's displayed with your app using your authenticator app (see previous paragraph). You'll also get the MFA badge in project listings.

Don't Lock Yourself Out!

Enroll your mobile and tablet on the MFA enrollment screen for extra safety.

What if I lose my phone?

In the event that you lose your only device, email from your authorized email account; we will immediately disable your login until the verification process is complete..